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Where To Go In Baler, Philippines

Baler, although small and remote, is one of the best destinations in the Philippines for many reasons. The town is the capital of Aurora, located between the lavish forests of the Sierra Madres and the temperate Pacific Ocean on the East.

One fun fact about Baler is that it is known as the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines. How did it become a surfing town? In the late 1970’s Francis Ford Coppola filmed most of the scenes from his cult classic Apocalypse Now in Baler. When filming finished, the crew and cast left their surfboards to the locals, and the surfing culture began.

Baler Surf Philippines

There are many amazing places to surf in the Philippines like Baras in Catanduanes, Calicoan Island in Eastern Samar, San Juan in La Union, and Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte, but none are quite the destination of Baler.

Surfers from every nation have graced these waves, in this coastal town located 230 kilometres northeast of Manila. In peak season, from September to February, Baler’s waves are a constant 8-10 foot.

If you are after something a little less confronting in the ocean, during May June and July, relatively calm sea breezes producing small comfortable waves.

During these months, snorkelling, diving, windsurfing, and other water sports are very popular.

Where to Go

  • Sabang Beach is the most popular spot for surfers and features a long strip of beach lines with resorts and shops.

  • Charlie’s Point is where Apocalypse Now was filmed and is around a 45-minute walk from Sabang.

  • Baler is of course more than just a surfing town. There are many amazing places to explore in the area.

  • The Ditumabo Waterfalls are just spectacular and although it’s a bit of a trek to get there, the trek will be more than worth it. A 30-minute drive followed by a 30-minute walk will have you trekking along rivers, past miniature waterfalls, across wooden bridges and through mountain trails. Your trek ends with the ‘mother of falls’.

  • Not far the Ditumabo Waterfalls lives a 300+ year old Balete Tree, which is so big you can walk through its hollow trunk.

Diving is also one of the more popular activities to involve yourself in. Let’s face it, the Philippines feature some of the best diving on the planet, and Baler is no exception. It features many coral-lined shores and untouched reefs.

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