Traveling To a Country with a Different Language

It can be daunting for people to travel to countries that have a different language. English speakers especially have gotten used to having a plethora of English speakers in many of the countries they visit so they can feel very displaced when that is not in the case while on vacation. The question becomes what can you do to break down the language barriers between you and your host country? Honestly there are many different options depending on how much time and energy you have to put into your new endeavour.

There’s an app for that

Okay, the moment you realised there was a need you must have realised that someone would have created and app for it. Travel language is no exception. Apps like Google Translate and Babel Fish, translate spoken and written language in real time and some of them are even free. You may have to pay for certain premium services that allow you to actually communicate in real time but it is entirely possible and it requires almost no energy on your part.

Travel Language Cheat Sheets

These products give you some very bare minimum help designed to basically ingratiate you to your hosts. When they feel you are making an effort to bridge the language gap, people are more likely to want to try and help you. I have friends in other countries that would pretend not to speak a traveler’s language just because of how that person was acting. These cheat sheets can give you the basic pleasantries but communication will be mostly a one way street.

Language Survival Guides

There are a number of books on the market designed to give you the bare minimum of language necessary to help you find your way around town, interact with locals, and basically help you get by without too much time and energy going towards speaking the tongue of your new home away from home. These books or CDs require practice to get the most out of them but they will help you to start making communication a back and forth exchange with the people you meet.


The last option you may consider is a language course designed to take you from beginner to advanced speaker. Options like Rosetta stone and Pimsler pride themselves on using a multifaceted approach to create the neuro-pathways needed to make the language more than just memorised vocab. This option definitely takes the most time and energy but can also be the most rewarding for people that want to feel a part of the unique culture that they are visiting.

Be sure to choose the option that fits your needs and available resources. Language is a huge part of new cultures and I highly recommend trying to experience it to the fullest.

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