Top 5 Reasons You Have To Visit Chobe National Park

If you’re after a true African experience, you want the whole shebang – from exciting animal encounters, to alluring natural landscapes; elephants by the waterhole, to sunsets across the plain. And one of the most popular places to see all of this – and much more, is Chobe National Park.

There are plenty of reasons you should visit Chobe, but these are our top 5.

1. Elephants. If you love elephants and want to observe as many as possible, there are so many elephants in Chobe National Park that you’ll wonder if you’re seeing things. On the border of Chobe National Park of Botswana and the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, 200,000 elephants make their home; while the spot where the Kwando River meets the Zambezi there are over 50,000 elephants.

Chobe National park Africa Safari

2. The accommodation options. Although there are plenty of options available, including camping and budget options, two of the best luxury accommodation options include Camp Kuzuma which offers private and exclusive safari lodge accommodation, and Chobe Water Villas, an intimate boutique lodge with views of the National Park and Sedudu Island. Join our elephants tour and you’ll have the chance to spend a few nights at both of these – an experience you’ll never forget.

Camp Kuzuma Safari Africa

3. The birdlife. There are more than 450 types of bird in Chobe National Park, from cormorants and pelicans, to storks, giant kingfishers and the African fish eagle (just to name a few). If you love to birdwatch, this is an ideal destination, particularly during December to March.

4. The sunsets. Like anywhere in Africa, the sunsets are going to take your breath away, but in Chobe there is nothing better than taking a river cruise and watching the sun go down over the heads of hippos and behind the baobab trees.

Chobe water villas african safari

5. Victoria Falls. Chobe National Park is just a short drive from this amazing natural wonder of the world, where the mist can be seen for many kilometres. Spend a day visiting the falls for the experience of a lifetime.

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