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Things To Do In Coron, Palawan.

According to many Filipinos, Coron is the most beautiful location in the Philippines. Voted as one of the world’s best islands, when you visit, it’s not hard to see why. Coron town is a beautiful place, and the best part about it is that there are so many amazing places to visit within a short distance from it. Here are just some of the best adventures to take from Coron.

Mount Tapyas Coron Palawan

Hiking Mt. Tapyas

Climbing Mt. Tapyas is no easy feat. The temperatures can easily sit in the high 30 degrees Celsius and with 95% humidity most days, getting to the top of the mountain can be somewhat challenging. Once at the top of the almost 800 steps, the view over Coron town, and the islands below are incredible.

Dive The Best Locations In The Philippines

One of the best reasons to visit Coron is for diving. It’s one of the most amazing places on earth, with so many options to choose from. Dive sites range from WWII plane wrecks, shipwrecks, hot springs, underwater mountains; lakes set high in the mountains and beautiful coral reefs. If you are keen to learn to dive or already have your license, Coron has to be high on your bucket list for diving.

Maquinit Hot Spring Palawan

Maquinit Hot Springs

Even though the temperatures can get quite hot in the area, hot springs are one of the greatest things you can do here. The water sits at around 39-41 degrees Celsius, and the Maquinit Springs is one of the few saltwater hot springs on the planet. Natural volcanic hot water feeds these pools making them very therapeutic. The springs are a half hour trip from Coron.

Hidden Lagoon

The Twin Lagoons are a pair of lagoons separated by limestone walls. You can reach the hidden lagoon at low tide, swimming through an archway. The inner lagoon is hidden on high tide, and the water is a mix between fresh and saltwater. With visibility down to around 20 metres and varying water temperatures throughout the lagoon, it's definitely an amazing place to snorkel or dive.

Kayangan Lake Coron

Swim in Kayangan Lake

Lake Kayangan is one of the most photographed places in Coron and can get very crowded. The view is spectacular, and it is much easier to access other places, which is also why it is so crowded. Lake Kayangan is one of two of Coron Island’s seven fresh water lakes that are open to public. Access is through a short uphill hike, but the refreshing swim in the lake makes it all worthwhile.

Underwater Mountains In Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake is another fresh water lake, but also one of the strangest places to scuba dive. To get there you hike up a wobbly set of stairs, and granite rocks to the lake. The lake has layers of fresh and salt waters, which create varying temperatures, with some layers of the water reaching 38 degrees Celsius. Diving into a hot spring is a bizarre feeling, however the view under the water makes you feel like you are floating high above the earth looking at the mountain peaks.

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