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The Ultimate Tip To Planning A Holiday In 2019

If you are planning a holiday in 2019, it’s time to start booking your annual leave and making some plans. 2019 is one of the best years that you can take a break, and as the next few lines will explain, you can get a ten-day break in 2019, by just taking three annual leave days! Sound too good to be true? Well, hear this – if you live in Tasmania, you only need to take TWO annual leave days to achieve this amazing ten-day break.

How? Thanks to a bunch of public holidays all falling together at the same time, Australians (or at least the ones who get the annual leave requests in early enough) get to enjoy this great break. If you were to take these three following days off - Tuesday 23 April, (in Tasmania this is also a public holiday), Wednesday 24 April and Friday 26 April, you could enjoy ten whole days off without using up all of your accrued holiday days.

Easter falls on the weekend 19th – 22nd and Anzac day falls on the 25th, so you can leave the office on the 18th, fly to one of our amazing destinations, and start back at work on the 29th of April, all fresh and relaxed. What this also means, is that you get to accrue the usual holiday days for some extra time off later in the year. Just don’t tell your boss.

The best tip we can offer you, is to book your annual leave now before your colleagues find out about this glorious public holiday miracle, and head across to our HOT DESTINATIONS page to work out where you are going to spend your break.

Want to know where to be in April 2019? Deluxe Luxury Beach Resorts in Thailand, a family tour luxury holiday in Vietnam, or a bespoke tour of Cambodia are the perfect escapes if you are after a short (but relaxing) trip.

If you’re after some of the most beautiful beaches and stunning locations in the world, our Bespoke tours are a great way to spend your much-deserved break, with no expenses spared.

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