The historic Route 66 road trip tour

Without doubt, one of the most enjoyable scenic routes you can take part in today is the famous Route 66.

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One of the most prominent roads in the US, measuring just under 4,000 kilometres long, Route 66 has become a must-travel for anyone looking to see what America has to offer. This amazing highway is one of the best ways to get from California all the way into Nevada, Arizona and beyond.

Though planning a trip to take it all in can be daunting, with our help you can get access to the perfect self-drive tour so you can experience everything Route 66 has to offer.

A truly stunning expanse of road, Route 66 is a marvel of engineering and construction. The sheer immensity of the road means the trials and travails that hold us back from being able to get around the US is stopped in its tracks here; and it’s the most open style of driving you are likely to find anywhere in the USA.

For many people, it’s the sheer scale and size and with our trip you can come from one major city in Los Angeles to another in San Francisco all by sticking to the incredible Route 66. However, planning out stops and stays, as well as where to go and what to visit, on such an expansive trip can be tough – which is why we have included our recommendations in the Route 66 driving plan.

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Our self-drive tour allows you to see huge parts of the road across a 13-night program. After your arrival in Los Angeles airport, take the scenic route from LA to Las Vegas and beyond; and we’ll make sure you get to take in the best driving experiences along the way.

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By removing much of the stress and frustration from the experience, we give you a much more enjoyable and progressive experience.

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