The Great American West road trip

For many people, the western side of America is its finest; loaded with amazing destinations that stand under the banner of the Great American West.

If you’re planning on making the journey across the west of the US to see cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, you are in the right place. We provide a self-drive tour that puts you at the wheel of a cool car and arranges your itinerary – taking all the stress out of the journey so you can enjoy the ride. Take the scenic route as you head through the Great American West and enjoy all the amazing sights, sounds and scenes that it has to offer you.

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Starting at Los Angeles, you’ll make your way through a glut of the locations that makes this part of the States a unique place to visit. Here, you can take on tours of various parts of the city with the help of a private guide; starting your tour off by getting to know one of the finest cities in the world.

Visit Las Vegas for a day; and of course take in the sights and sounds of The Strip, arguably the most enjoyable part of the journey for people who are truly looking for something special!

Add in the fact that you get access to the Grand Canyon, where a helicopter tour is an absolute must, and this is a fine chance to witness some of natures’ most amazing sights. We recommend this drive for anyone who wants to take in a bit of man-made architecture, as well as witness some of the most stunning sights that nature has to offer.

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You’ll also visit Monument Valley: one of the most stunning landmarks in modern America. It’s a location that offers stunning views of the canyon as well as a watchtower which allows you to look over Desert View and also witness some exceptional murals that have been created in the past.

It’s thanks to this that you can very easily start to fall in love with the American West. On this tour, you can also get to know places like Page and Bryce; before returning to your starting point.

With some of the most important cities and natural landmarks all kept along this pristine journey, we’ll make sure you can get all the help and assistance you need to truly experience America’s Great West.

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