Reasons Couples Love Matamanoa

Matamanoa Island is a beautiful Fijian island, standing in a crystal-blue sea, with white sandy beaches. It is the perfect location for a romantic week away for two -- or a wedding, or a honeymoon! Matamanoa has all of the facilities, amenities and activities that make it such a wonderful place for couples to visit.

Matamanoa Island Pool

Here are five reasons you and your significant other should visit Matamanoa.

The atmosphere is incredible. The entire Fijian experience, really, is spectacular -- from the sometimes-reported brass bands playing inside passport control at the airport -- to the ever-so-friendly locals. Once arriving at Matamanoa, you’re enveloped for the first little while by traditional Fijian customs such as dancing and singing and are checked into one of the many incredible villas that line the beaches of Matamanoa island.

Matamanoa island Bure

Seclusion and relaxation are paramount. Once you have checked into your villa (providing you select a secluded villa), you are generally left alone, except for the occasional check-in by staff at the resort. You have, within a short distance, access to all the amenities and even an essential lunch-time beer at the bar

Matamanoa Island Resort

There are plenty of fun activities you can do together. If you prefer to simply lie on the beach and soak up the sun, that’s fine too -- but Matamanoa offers couples so much choice in regards to activities. From coral reef snorkelling to kayaking to hiking, even a lesson in Fijian.

The Cloud 9 Floating Platform. This contraption is a must-do for couples! It’s literally a floating platform in the water, complete with a second level. There is perhaps nothing more romantic than a floating platform out at sea with the backdrop of a pristine island sunset. You will be figuratively and literally on cloud nine.

It’s wedding-material. If you are looking for a place to have that all-important beachside wedding with a few family and friends, with the wind running through your hair and not being all locked inside a giant cathedral, then look no further than Matamanoa. It offers the most incredible views, activities and locations upon which to take your vows -- and the resort is most definitely capable of handling your wedding requirements and requests and it will even throw in some of their own local cultural customs such as song and dance, so that you’ll never forget that once-in-a-lifetime marriage on the beaches of Fiji.

Matamanoa Island Bure Interior

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to take a vacation; whether it’s to say, “I do.” or to simply relax and get away from the world for a while, Matamanoa island is the perfect destination for couples. Give us a call and book your trip today!

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