Most popular tourist destinations in San Francisco

Although San Francisco is quite geographically small, you could spend a month in SF and still not see everything this amazing city has to offer.

Here is a list of 5 things you really should see in San Francisco.

Most popular tourist destinations in San Francisco | Golden gate bridge | Ehabla Travel

Golden Gate Bridge

The most famous bridge in the world will make almost any traveller happy. This impressive bridge has a stunning 1.7-mile (2.75km) span. Around 120,000 vehicles drive across the bridge every day, you can walk across it on one side and ride across on the other. It’s also one of the most photographed things on the planet, with almost 2 million hashtags to its name.

Most popular tourist destinations in San Francisco | Cable cars

Ride a Cable Car

Cable cars have been moving people around San Francisco for over 100 years. Their bells can be heard throughout the city, and a ride in these amazing cars will deliver remarkable views of the city’s hills.

Most popular tourist destinations in San Francisco | Alcatraz prison | Ehabla Travel


Alcatraz is an infamous former prison located on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Some of the USA’s most dangerous (and famous) criminals were imprisoned there. Alcatraz was famed for having never had an inmate successfully escape. Cell tours are popular and allow you to learn intimately about the prison.

North Beach

North Beach is the San Francisco’s Italian quarter, and isn’t a beach at all. It’s a neighbourhood jam-packed full of restaurants, European-style sidewalk cafes, and shops. Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill gives amazing views of the bridges and the Bay.

World-Class Restaurants

San Francisco’s dining options are simply amazing. Recognised as one of America’s finest restaurant cities, SanFran chefs combine the freshest local ingredients, authentic intercontinental flavours from fusion restaurants combining flavours from many different cultures in the one restaurant. Ask the locals when you are there where you should go. They are guaranteed to know the best of the best in a city that has so many.

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