Top 5 Things You Can Expect To See At Moditlo River Lodge, South Africa

Moditlo River Lodge located in the north east corner of South Africa is one of the most amazing places you can imagine visiting. Moditlo means ‘place of the elephant', and the understated grace of this bewildering creature echoes throughout the lodge and its surroundings.

Modolito RIver Lodge

In the heart of the Blue Canyon Conservancy is Moditlo River Lodge, which is situated on a section of protected land in adjacent vicinity to the famous Greater Kruger National Park. It boasts an array of fauna and from the lodge you can take part in a range of amazing experiences and activities.

Moditlo is an extraordinary place for photographers, and capturing implausible images during the daily game drives is one of the highlights. Even taking a leisurely stroll through the grounds at the Main Lodge you will often be able to photograph small antelope and other plains game.

Modolito River Lodge game drives

The lodge offers daily game drives and the team specialise in offering remarkable photographic opportunities. Their game drives are available in the early morning and late afternoons when game animals are the most active. The drives take place in customised open game viewing four wheel drives, and include drinks and snacks.

The lodge also facilitates excursions to nearby parks and wildlife destinations to allow you opportunities to explore the region some more.

African Safari Modolito River Lodge

Each morning you will wake to the sun rising over the Blue Canyon Conservancy and at any given time of the day you may see Lions, Buffalo, Elephants, Leopards or Rhinos, all from the comfort of your room, or even by the pool. Other creatures you may see during your stay include cheetahs and other wild dog breeds.

Of course when travelling to South Africa the wild animals are the main drawcard and game drives are extremely popular activities, but one of the absolute most spectacular things that you can see from Moditlo River Lodge, is the African sky at night. It’s safe to say that have probably never before in your life experienced such an extraordinary night sky view than this one; and what’s even better is that you can sip on a cocktail, or some of South Africa’s finest wines around a crackling fire while you indulge yourself in it.

Modolito African Safari Packages

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