Fiji - The Family Holiday Capital

A family holiday can be one of the greatest memories you can create for your children, and of course the memories of family holidays last a lifetime. There are many destinations across the globe that are suited to travelling as a family, no matter how big it is, and destinations can be as little as an hour drive from home, or they can be located on the other side of the globe.

Fiji family holidays

One of the most amazing places you can visit easily from Australia, is just a short flight from your nearest capital city, and is very affordable on all levels.


Fiji is one of the most beautifully pristine places on earth, and we are lucky in Australia that it is so close. The Fijian islands are filled with luxurious resorts, and the natural attractions are plentiful, but what really sets Fiji apart from other locations, is the people. When it comes to family travel, you need to know that the destination you choose is going to be a family friendly environment, and Fiji goes beyond all expectations when it comes to family.

Of all the resorts in Fiji, two in particular really stand out for family holidays, and they are Malolo Island Resort, and Savasi Island Villas.

Savasi Island Resort

Fiji holiday | Savasi Island

Savasi Island Resort is the perfect relaxation sanctuary for solo travellers, couples and families alike. If an exclusively private family holiday is what you seek, Savasi resort have their private Beach House which is located waterfront to a secluded sandy beach complete with open plan living, sun lounges and hammocks overlooking the Koro Sea.

Malolo Island Resor

Fiji family holiday packages | Malolo island resort

Malolo Island Resort is part of the astonishing Mamanuca Group of islands and absolutely oozes tropical paradise with palm tree lined foreshores, white sandy beaches and pristine turquoise waters at your doorstep.

Fiji is magical, and if you want to create lifelong memories for your family, this is where you should be taking them for your next holiday.

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