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The tranquillity and beauty of Fiji is something that attracts thousands of tourists every month of the year to the islands, and Savasi Island, located just ten minutes from Savusavu airport, is certainly no exception. Savasi Island a 52-acre private island and has a private causeway connecting it to the main island of Vanua Levu. It also features its own private marina which runs partly through the resort, to create a magnificent natural preserve for local marine life.

Savasi Island Villas

As do all of the islands of Fiji, Savasi Island has an amazing array of activities in and around it, to ensure your stay will be as action packed (or not at all) as possible. Some of the most awesome activities obviously utilise the Fijian Island’s pristine ocean waters, but this beautiful nirvana in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has a lot more on offer than just the beaches.

Float down the serene Qaloqalo River, through thick mangrove jungles, to the remote 100 acre Salt Lake where you can experience pure tranquillity and silence of Savusavu’s pristine hinterland. Fed by the ocean tides, you can paddle the river by kayak to the gorgeous Natewa Bay.

Another stunning place to visit is Vuadomo waterfall, which is about 30 kilometres from Savusavu on the west side of Vanua Levu. It’s a short walk through the rainforest, and the perfect trip for photographers.

If you’re looking for something more rewarding to do with your day, you can head through the estuaries and mangroves with the locals to hunt some mud crabs in their natural habitat. What better reward is there, than eating your fresh seafood catch at the end of the hunt?

Hiking in Fiji offers some of the most beautiful locations on the planet to visit. Hike through the thick Fijian jungle to rejuvenate your senses.

The obvious ultimate experience around Savasi is the snorkelling and diving. You can dive some magical reefs, see some astounding sea creatures, and experience vivid cavern swim-throughs and dive for famous black pearls. There are even moonlight snorkel tours that run daily.

Savasi Island Resort

Savasi is beautiful and the experiences you can have around the island are even better.

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