Easter Travel Tips

One of the best things about Easter when you’re planning a holiday is that it is a long weekend. You have 4 days off work (unless you are in retail, and then you might only have 2 or 3); and you can pretty much do anything you want in that time. The kids also have around 10 days off school (could be more depending on where they live or study) and this provides ample time for you to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Whether you’re planning on heading overseas, or you are simply travelling locally, there are some things you need to consider when travelling at this peak period.

1. You want to book early. Easter is one of the most popular times of the year for family travel, so you want to book months in advance. If you can, figure out when Easter will be the following year, and book 12 months ahead. That way you might get some great deals that no one else knows about yet!

2. If you’re travelling locally, don’t drive during peak times! The worst time to take off on

your trip is the Thursday afternoon, day before Good Friday; or Easter Saturday morning. These are the two times that most people go away and you’re going to be faced with extensive traffic on the roads.

3. Get a flight early morning or late at night to save money. This is the same all year round, but even more so the case at Easter when flight prices are always higher than off-peak season flights.

4. Check in online. This will save you from having to brave the crowds at the airport! If you’re heading overseas, you can still check in online, then simply go to baggage drop once you arrive for your flight. You’ll have an extra hour at home this way.

5. Don’t pack too much! The lighter you pack, the more you can buy while you’re away!

6. Keep your winter clothes at home. Easter is pretty warm all over the world, so no matter where you’re headed, don’t take too many unnecessary clothes with you. You certainly aren’t likely to need any big thick woolly coats if you’re headed to Thailand or Vietnam! And even if you’re heading to a warmer destination and you have a few cooler days there, it’s another good excuse to go shopping.

And finally, don’t forget the Easter Eggs for the kids!! As long as your packets are closed, you’ll be fine to take chocolate anywhere in the world with you.

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