Best time to visit Fiji

Most holiday destinations have peak seasons throughout the year, and a few months of less than appealing weather annually, however the islands of Fiji are amazing to visit year round; meaning the best time to visit the islands, is literally when you want to go.

There are of course some factors to consider when deciding when to go, and depending on what sort of holiday you are planning the prime time to visit Fiji may change. Factors like pricing, crowds and weather need to be considered to make sure your trip to Fiji suits you.

Peak Seasons

When you decide on your travel plans to Fiji, you should definitely consider when school holidays are in both Australia and New Zealand, as Fiji is a very popular destination for families, because it is fairly inexpensive. However if you are choosing to travel to Fiji on an adults only holiday, there are a number of adults only resorts, like Matamanoa Resort, Likuliku Resort, and Savasi Island Villas that you need not stress about families invading your quiet time.

July to August and Christmas holiday season are definitely the busiest times in Fiji as many families decide to holiday during the school holidays, however off peak season is cheaper and may be a little more relaxing. It’s also good to know that the best deals are normally available between March and October.


Because of it’s location, Fiji has wet and dry seasons that vary throughout the year. It’s a tropical destination, and although the weather is normally consistent throughout the year, wet season happens in summer (November to March), and increased humidity levels means more rain.

Another factor to consider towards the end of summer and into autumn is cyclones. Throughout most of the year, temperatures usually sit in the low 30s (degrees Celsius) during the day, and drop to around 27 degrees overnight.

No matter what time of year you decide to travel to Fiji, E|Habla Travel Agents have a great selection of adult only, and family resorts to choose from.

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