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Animals You Didn’t Know To Expect on African Safari

If you have never been on an African safari, 2018 should be your year to do so. There is nothing quite like the experience of watching majestic creatures stroll past you, going about their day, while you sit tucked safe in the back of a safari vehicle. Elephants to Lions, antelope to giraffes, Africa is filled with unique and intriguing animals. But an African safari that is not just about the big five and other well known animals.

Here are our top five animals you might not expect to see in Africa:

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Greater kudu: a deer measuring 195-245cm and weighing up to 315kg, Greater kudu love hanging out in the Savannah and has the second tallest reach of African animals, behind the giraffe. They can jump over 2 metres high and the males have spiral horns that can measure over 1 metre.

African civet: found in open savannah regions, as well as swamp and forests. It can weigh anywhere up to 20 kg and has brown and black spots providing great camouflage. They learned to eat millipedes, crabs and small mammals.

Guereza colobus: a monkey that has no thumbs, the guereza colobus lives in closed forests and travels by jumping from branch to branch, sometimes as high as 15 metres.

African wild dog: the African wild dog lives in Africa’s bushy savannahs, woodlands, upland forests, semi-deserts and mountainous areas. Keep an eye out for its large, round ears – its most obvious feature.

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Dwarf mongoose: an interesting creature, the dwarf mongoose measures just 26cm maximum and lives in the savannah.

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