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8 Things to do in Boracay

Boracay is a tiny 10 square kilometre island in the central Philippines, known for its resorts, beaches and parties. The island features many pristine dive spots, and the tourists normally flock here in large numbers.

Recently the island was closed to tourism to give the sandy beaches some time to rejuvenate, but now the island is back open for business, however tourism will be limited to a capped number from now into the future. The tourism on Boracay contributes a billion US dollars every year to the economy, and for a small space, that’s a lot of people visiting.

Typically, in peak times, crowds can reach 40,000, but with the caps, just 19,000 tourists will be allowed on the island at any given time.

There are so many amazing things to do, and after you’ve read the list below, you’ll understand why it is such a popular destination. Here are eight of the best things to do in Boracay.

1. Cliff Jumping Take A 15 Metre Leap Of Faith At Ariel’s Point.

Ariel’s Point is a popular spot for cliff diving, offering a range of adrenaline jumps into the pristine ocean below. The lowest jump is around 3 metres, and the highest at 15 metres.

2. Sunset Sailing At White Beach

The Boracay sunset is one of the best in the world, and why not make it more memorable by watching it from a paraw or a local sailboat.

3. Party, Party, Party!

Boracay is known for its great parties. They can often begin anytime during the day and last for many days at a time. There are plenty of clubs and bars and are usually packed all year round.

4. Eat The Local Street Food

For around $3 Australian you can experience some of the best street food on the planet. There are many expensive restaurants, but there is also MangInasal, which serves a variety of homey local food like Spicy Paa (spicy grilled chicken thigh) at very affordable prices.

5. Dive, Dive, Dive!

Boracay is home to 20 of the best dives in the Philippines. The waters are packed with marine life and you can snorkel or scuba dive on the same tours.

6. Get A Makeover On The Beach

Boracay has many locals who will braid your hair and pamper you while lounging on the beaches. it’s essential to look the part i.e. getting a mean set of cornrows done while you sip on your Mojito.

7. Experience Seafood Like Never Before At D’Talipapa

On Boracay you can buy fresh seafood and take it to the restaurants to have chef’s cook them exactly to your liking. Boracay is very famous for their prawns.

8. Zipline At Fairways And Bluewater Resort

Everyone loves a zipline. It’s a great way to pump the adrenaline while overlooking the ocean. This one is a little different, as you fly like superman rather than your standard ziplines.

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