5 Things For Families To Do In Malolo

With over 300 islands in the Fiji archipelago, how do you know which one to choose? If you’re travelling with your family, the resort island of Malolo, located on the largest of a set of islands known as Mamanuca, offers a deeply authentic Fijian experience, from the people you’ll interact with, right down to the food on your plate.

Malolo Resort, Fiji

Here are five reasons families love Malolo.

Dolphin-spotting. Always wanted to see dolphins up-close? Malolo Island resort offers you that opportunity, often you are able to see them as you island-hop on small boats, between rounds of snorkelling.

Kayaking. The kayaking takes place in an area called Navini, just off the island, out where the coral reef is unspoilt, vibrant and alive due to being protected against fishing and daytripping. Kayaking on the superb turquoise blue water, whilst seeing all manner of fish swimming beneath you is an incredible experience not to be missed.

Malolo Resort Activities

Diving. This activity is orchestrated by a local company, and is available almost every day of the week (barring inclement weather or other mitigating circumstances). The divers take you to lots of different locations around the island, with lots of different types of diving being offered at each dive location. From the reef to wrecks, there’s lots of underwater fun to be had for the entire family.

Banana Boat Rides. Banana boats are awesome vessels for a family outing. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or a race. Located on the Plantation Island resort, banana boat rides amongst the calm Fijian waters are a great way to spend an afternoon. You are towed around by a pontoon-style boat for a few hours and get to relax and enjoy a unique boat ride.

Malolo Resort Kids Club

Cultural lessons. If this is your first time visiting Fiji, then it might be a good idea to learn more about the Fijian culture. After all, what is the point of travel but to learn more about the world and those who inhabit it? It’s a learning experience for the whole family, too. Learn about the genesis of the Fijian culture in about 1500 B.C, as, according to legend, the Fijian people travelled from the north of Egypt carrying heavy cargo -- treasure from the Temple of Solomon. Learn about the voyages made amongst the archipelago that they would eventually settle upon and call home. Learn about the joint British/Dutch discovery of Fiji (by accident) in 1643, and why Malolo Island is known as the “island of the resting sun.”

Whatever activities you choose to partake in on Malolo Island, you’re guaranteed a great family time.

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