5 Secret Places You Need to Know in Fiji

There’s no doubt that Fiji is an island paradise and though it is often rocked by the weather, the destination remains one of the most popular places for Australians to visit. With its beautiful beaches, abundant bushland and friendly locals – it’s easy to see why it’s so busy... but if you’re looking to get off the beaten track a little, and to enjoy time away from the crowds – there are options available!

Here are 5 secret places you need to know in Fiji (not-so-secret anymore):

Vanua Levu

Although the island itself is not a secret – it’s the second largest in the archipelago; parts of it are! The Wasali Nature Reserve is an untouched rainforest that is filled with hiking trails and spectacular views that you shouldn’t miss. On other parts of the island, you can swim with dolphin pods and dive the soft corals.


Ovalau is like stepping back in time. While it isn’t home to those beautiful white beaches you see across Fiji, and there are no big resorts for travellers, the 6th largest island in Fiji boasts something completely unique. You’ll find villages of locals, the old Colonial town of Levuka (a 19th Century whaling town) banana trees, and Mission Hill – where you can climb 199 steps to the top for views of the isle of Mborutu.

Qamea Island

Located in the north, although it is still popular, Qamea isn’t as crowded as other islands in the archipelago. But it should be. It’s surrounded by natural reef that provides a setting for fantastic diving, along with great surf! The waves break on the south-east and south-west swells and it’s a haven for surfers looking for a great time, without the crowds! You might even have the entire ocean to yourself.


Kadavu is the 4th largest island in Fiji, but major tourism is yet to find it! It has just a few roads, one town, a few resorts – and an abundance of natural beauty! There is plenty to do here, including rainforest walks and sea-kayaking, but the biggest drawcard here is the Great Astrolabe Reef. The reef is one of the largest barrier reefs in the world and is teaming with shark, tuna, giant trevally and other sea life. It’s ideal for both scuba diving and snorkelling with 25 metre visibility on average, up to 40 metres on a good day!

The Floating Island

Believed to be controlled by spirit guides or Gods, the Floating Island is located in Vanua Levu and is a destination that has many legends within its history. The island itself is detached and located in the middle of a river – it is even said that it actually moves from one side of the river to the other. Locals believe it has a spirit guide steering it; and they also believe these guides (or Gods) still reside there.

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