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5 Ways to Make Your Cambodia Vacation Unforgettable

Cambodia is a fantastic vacation destination as this country has something interesting to offer to everyone. If you want to make your trip to this amazing place truly special, you should stray off the beaten tourist paths and glimpse the real beauty of Cambodia. Visiting the famous Temples of Angkor can be on your itinerary as well, but you also should include visits to lesser known places and try out some fun activities.

Discover Battambang

Battambang is a city located in the northwest part of the country and it’s mostly overlooked by tourists. This is a huge advantage as there are fewer crowds, which allows you to explore the beautiful place. The architecture of Battambang is charming in a way that only the French-colonial buildings can be. Although, the city features a versatile collection of styles that you can enjoy when taking a walk through the historic centre. There are also numerous art galleries, so be sure to take a look at the exhibitions during your visit.

Take the Bamboo Train

This is another attraction of Battambang, which can take you to the village of O Sra Lev. The ‘train’ is a simple construction where railway cars are replaced by metal frames covered with bamboo. It rides at 12 kilometers per hour max, so you can enjoy the views of the Cambodian countryside while breathing in sweet, fresh air.

Witness the wonder of Me Chrey

Me Chrey is a small floating village located on the ‘Great Lake’ of Tonle Sap. This place may not offer luxurious hotels and nightclubs, but here you can truly feel the unique spirit of Cambodia. This particular village only has about 500 residents and they make up an incredibly friendly and supportive community. There are several small settlements like this in Cambodia, and visiting them would definitely make your trip an incredible experience.

Take a walk through the jungle

The Cardamom Mountains are a must-visit place as they are unbelievably beautiful. Many parts of the forests in this area are protected, so you can have a guided tour through the preserved natural trails and see the untouched beauty of the jungle.

Relax in the eco-lodges around Tatai River

The Tatai River along with the Koh Kong Island host some of the best eco-tourism attractions of Cambodia. You should come here to enjoy the beauty of the local scenery and truly experience the Cambodian way of life, which is much closer to Mother Nature. Move up the river to see more of the local eco initiatives and indigenous attractions.

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