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5 Star Solar luxury at Vacala Bay

Vacala Bay, Fiji

The beautiful Vacala Bay eco resort is nestled deep on the island of Taveuni and is Fiji's First 5 Star Solar Powered Eco Resort.

The resort is located on the most beautiful and diverse island of all the 333 islands of the Fiji archipelago will centre you with its sense of place, impress you with its modern minimalist design and pamper you with its magnificently tranquil ambiance.

Taveuni Island itself is well known as the Garden island of Fiji; for its fertile volcanic soil, exquisite waterfalls, dense forests, and its unique birds and flowers that exist nowhere else on earth. Approximately a third of the island is part of the largest national park in Fiji; Bouma World Heritage National Park and the resort was cautiously planned and designed from the ground up to prove that ecological sustainability can be achieved.

Vacala Bay, Fiji

Vacala Bay Eco Resort is your own private paradise, where just you and your loved ones are the only guests. The villa floors are made from the polished river stones that have tumbled down through many waterfalls from Des Voeux peak, one of the highest points on Taveuni, for eons. The countertops are made from the whitest local beach sand combined with 5 tons of crushed black pearl shells from the CIVA farms on Taveuni and made to shine like marble.

The Villa’s 21 foot ceilings remove the heated air from above. This same movement replaces the warm air with cool moist air from above the wrap around pool.

Vacala Bay, Fiji

The villas are a wonder in themselves, and the rest of the resort is even more extraordinary. To cover every feature of this resort would literally take days, so you need to experience it firsthand.

The resort boasts a culinary experience like no other, where your very own private chef designs your menu based on your dietary requirements, likes and dislikes and seasonal availability of fresh local produce, seafood and imported delicacies.

Vacala Bay Resort also offers a variety of relaxing spa treatments designed to rejuvenate your soul and invigorate your mind, body and spirit.

Getting to Taveuni from Nadi is around a 1 hour flight. Fiji Airways provides 2 to 3 flights to Taveuni daily on their fleet of Twin Otter aircraft or you can charter a helicopter, if you’re feeling a little more extravagant.

Vacala Bay, Fiji

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