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How to find the right travel insurance

Heading out on a holiday is meant to be completely stress-free, and the point of a holiday is actually to de-stress right? Well why is it that before you leave there is so much that you need to know about, forms you have to fill out, shots to get if travelling to countries that have diseases you don’t want to bring home, and filling out visa applications and insurance policies to cover you if anything goes wrong while you are travelling.

When it comes to insurance policies though, how do you know which one you should get, that will be most beneficial, and cover everything you need, wherever you go? Although it’s a difficult question, hopefully we can shed some light for you on what to look for.

Most importantly, you need to ask the question “Will my insurance cover ALL medical costs?”

Now most online insurance agencies will have a long drawn out application form that will most likely be very confusing. Now they all will cover you for a portion of your medical bills, but if you are in a life threatening situation in a country like The USA for example, and you need to be flown by helicopter to hospital after a fall in a national park, it’s likely to cost you in excess of $50,000 for the flight and another $50,000 for the hospital stay plus any extra attention you might need, and if it’s not in your policy to cover that type of emergency transport, chances are you will need to find that sort of money elsewhere before they let you leave the country.

If you are planning on taking highly valuable equipment with you, like DSLR cameras, laptops etc. you will also need to endure that your policy covers the full replacement value and not just a portion of it. Most basic insurance policies will cover $2000 worth of goods if stolen, but if your camera is worth $8,000 you will need to alter your policy to ensure coverage in a bad situation.

If your travels involve adventure sports, high risk activities or high risk locations, you will need to discuss options with your insurer to make sure you are covered.

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