When to travel: The Seasons of South East Asia

There are some very beautiful places to visit in Southeast Asia, and being located on or near the equator, a humid tropical climate with temperatures generally sitting around 30°C all year round is what to expect. The seasons of Southeast Asia could easily be categorised into three seasons rather than the standard globalised four seasons. The have The Hot Season, The Wet Season and The Dry Season, but which one suits you best, will depend on a number of things.

The Southeast Asia Dry Season

Generally around November, the Southeast Asian winds begin to blow from the north, forcing cold, dry air from China and Siberian Russia into the region. This starts the dry season, which normally lasts until the winds shift in May or June. November through to February is relatively cool in most parts but is also the high season for tourism, and visitors from colder wintery climates tend to flood the area.

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The Southeast Asia Wet Season (also known as Monsoon Season)

Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Southern Philippines are nearest to the equator and are usually humid and wet throughout the year. Because of this, they don’t usually see the effects of monsoon season like the countries further from the equator. May through until October is generally wet season, but it has been known to start early and finish late, so choosing your trip itinerary close around these times involce a lot of planning.

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The monsoon season's effects are more noticeably felt in the rest of Southeast Asia with wet season wreaking havoc at some of the most famous tourism locations. In Thailand, Phuket and Koh Chang experience treacherous rip currents during monsoon season which are known to claim several lives a year.

The Southeast Asia Hot Season

March through to May is shoulder season in Southeast Asia, and it is definitely at its hottest in these months. Temperatures generally sit around or above 35+ degrees Celsius, and with Southeast Asia‘s very high humidity, most of the resident spend their time around the beaches to cool down.

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