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Top 5 Luxury Travel Trends

Year 2016 saw many great luxury travel trends that brought to light some of the most unique destinations we have ever seen. “Fashioning personalized experiences” and “going boldly where no traveller has gone before” seem to be topping the trend lists of high end travellers across the globe.

The top five luxury travel trends in 2017 will be:

Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is becoming more and more popular across the board, and trends are showing that luxe travellers are now experiencing adventure travel at a whole new level. 5 star mobile accommodations in the Himalayas and an outdoor 5 star retreat overlooking the wilderness of Africa, where you quite literally sleep out in the open on a luxury bed, are equipped with a private chef and bar service.

Cuisine Tours

One of the biggest trends we are seeing emerge are personalised cuisine tours, where both high end chefs, or celebrity chefs are hired in different locations around the globe to experience local cuisine, hunt for truffles, or have private cooking lessons.

Exclusive Accommodation

Exclusive accommodation is a major trend heading our way. Homes rented by the rich and famous all across the globe are becoming very highly sought after for luxury travel. Byron Bay in Australia boasts a very large amount of exclusive use homes, starting at around $12,000 per night.

Expedition Cruising

Cruise ships have become very popular in the last few years, and luxury high end ships exist, but cruising is taking a more exclusive trend path in the near future making expeditions available that do a little more than offer shuffle board and an open buffet. This also brings us to the fifth main trend for the year.

Destinations that are not popular now, but soon will be.

Antarctica is one of the locations that are seeing more and more affordable packages appearing to open it up to the general public, rather than remaining exclusive for the high end travellers who have a large budget. Cuba is also one location that will soon be changing shape dramatically and most likely to lose its charismatic appeal.

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