8 Essential Items for a Fiji Holiday

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Fiji is one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Ocean that you can visit. It’s affordable enough to take the whole family, it’s tropical, and the people there, well they are just amazing. If Fiji is on the cards, you’re probably wondering what you should take, so here is a list of eight essential items to pack.

Passport and Visas

Always carry your passport, and travel itinerary when entering any country, otherwise you might just be sent home. Although most countries are visa exempt in Fiji, meaning you can stay for 4 months as a tourist before applying for an extension. Wherever you are from however, you should check to see whether you need a visa to enter Fiji.


Shorts, skirts, singlets, t-shirts, sarongs and bikinis are all common wear in Fiji on beaches and resorts etc, but have extra clothing to throw over the top so you don’t offend the locals.


Casual footwear like thongs or sandals are fine, however if you plan on hitting the rainforests, you might want to take some decent boots for hiking that sort of terrain.

Insect Repellent

Mosquitos are common in the tropics, and insect repellent is a good idea.

Sun Protection

Hats, sunblock, rash vests should be used daily, and you will need to reapply sunblock every 3-4 hours or so to ensure you don’t end up burning.

Sun protection for luxury beach holidays

Medication Kit

Make sure you have a supply of medications that you would normally take at home, as you might not be able to access them in Fiji.

First aid

Keep other medications on hand to combat stomach bugs and have a kit with Band-Aids, bite relief creams and antiseptic creams, just in case.


Always travel with a quality camera, memories fade, but photos are forever.

Rain Coat/Jacket

November to April is wet season, so take a rain coat or jacket.

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