11 things you need to know about Myanmar

Filled with wonderful people, historic sites, rural intrigues and modern markets, Myanmar, also known as Burma, has only recently become a tourist destination.

  1. Myanmar is pronounced mee-an-mar, not my-an-mar. The name means “quick strong.”

  2. Roughly 90% of the population are Buddhist.

  3. In Myanmar, both the men and the women wear longyi (pronounced lon-gee), which is a type of sarong sewn together into a circle. Men and women wear the garment different, with men tied in the front and women on the side.

  4. It’s a thong / sandal kind of country. You’d be hard pressed to find someone walking down the street wearing sneakers.

  5. In a move to distance themselves from their former colonizers, they drive on the right side of the road however many cars from colonial times are still in use and have the steering wheel on the right side instead of left.

  6. They that the British changed during colonial times. the Yangon International Airport code is RGN, and that is because they are reclaiming old names of cities (Yangon used to be called Rangoon) .

  7. Locals will never reach to touch anyone with their left hand, because it is a sign of disrespect, (it’s also their toilet use hand).

  8. The people of Myanmar have very, very sensitive stomachs. Vomit bags are handed out on bus rides and used often.

  9. Locals get restaurant attention/service by making kissing sounds.

  10. It is popular for men and women to chew paan. Calcium hydroxide is spread on a betel leaf, then topped with cut up betel nut (from the areca palm) and usually tobacco (other options, like cloves, are available too).

  11. Daily power cuts are common in all towns and cities and the voltage can fluctuate and fry electronics.

E|Habla Travel Classic Myanmar Tour will take you off the beaten track through an Effervescent Playground of Unbridled Adventure. On this 12 day tour you’ll get to see some of Myanmar’s most popular sights, as well as exploring some of the country’s more “off the beaten track” sites. You will travel from the vibrant Yangon, where you will see a mix of colonial architecture, modern high-rises and gold-laden Buddhist pagodas; to the awe inspiring Shwedagon Pagoda and the unique Golden Rock.

Golden Rock, Myanmar

The tour will take you through rural regions to Bagan, on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River, to explore the many pagodas and temples that have helped the area become an Archaeological Zone World Heritage Area. From there, you will explore Mandalay and the floating farms of the beautiful Inle Lake.

In 12 days, you will be amazed at how much you will see and experience.

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