10 Things You Need To Take On A Winter Holiday

Winter holidays in Australia and New Zealand are always fun! Whether you’re just going by yourself, with your friends or family, there’s nothing quite like the experience of cold (ish) temperatures, and freshly powdered snow. However, if you’re going to go and experience “the most wonderful time of the year” (according to Andy Williams, anyway), you’re going to want to be sure you’re prepared.

Here are ten things you need to take with you on a winter holiday.

Passports and relevant travel documentation. This is a fairly obvious pick for our first item on the list -- but nonetheless, it is relevant and you will need it. Be sure you have your passport(s) and whatever visas are necessary for your trip, as well as, if necessary, medical insurance and emergency contact information.

Hats! While this, again, is fairly obvious, you’re going to want something to protect your head and preferably also the back of your neck from the cold. While things don’t quite get down to arctic temperatures in Australia or New Zealand, you can still expect some relatively cold weather. Thus, consider purchasing either a ushanka-style hat (think old Soviet military uniform hats), or a decently-insulated beanie.

Base layers. While you should always be attentive to body heat generation in the winter and dress in layers -- the inclusion of a base layer will really help you keep warm, while simultaneously regulating body temperature. Be sure to get one with wicking capabilities to keep your sweat from freezing, which can lead to hypothermia.

ICE Kit. The thing about wintry weather is that it means that many things are now unpredictable. Therefore, you should be prepared for the worst. This means preparing a survival kit, just in case the worst should happen. Complete with flares and/or a whistle, a thermal blanket, rope, a day’s worth of food and water, emergency contact information, etc.

Polarised Sunglasses. While many people think of winter as being a dark and dreary time of the year, it’s actually one of the brightest (though not necessarily reflected by the temperatures!). The sun, while up for less time during the day, sometimes reflects just as strongly as there is typically lots of ice and snow for it to reflect off. A pair of polarised sunglasses will save your eyes from reflective sunlight.

Decent winter boots. You can’t wear your every-day trainers in the snow so it pays to invest in some decent winter boots. Spend a hundred dollars or more and find yourself a waterproof, insulated pair that’ll last you for ten years. Money well spent to keep your toes from falling off.

Moisturisers. While this is often overlooked, cold temperatures can really rip through your skin. While you may not see -30, you are still likely to encounter high winds that really don’t help your skin. A moisturiser is a really good idea to keep your skin from becoming dry and cracking.

Winter Sporting Goods! One of the reasons people take winter vacations in general is to have fun in the snow. Well, if you’re going to have fun in the snow, you may take a pair of skis or snowshoes; or you can rent when you get there.

A Waterproof Backpack. Rather than going on your snow-filled holiday with a wheeled-suitcase, a waterproof duffel bag is going to be more convenient in the snow.

A hot water bottle. There’s nothing better than a hot water bottle on a cold winter’s night to keep you warm. After a relatively cold day on the slopes, you’ll welcome a warm bed with a hot water bottle waiting.

Those are ten things you need to take on a winter holiday! If you want a book a snow holiday in Australia or New Zealand this winter, give us a call!

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