10 reasons we love Vancouver

Vancouver is an ocean-wrapped city offering a perfect combination of beautiful views, outdoor activities, urban living, and adventure like no other place on earth. The city of Vancouver is truly one of a kind, and if you’re planning a trip to Canada, this coastal city should be high on your list of places to spend some time.

Here are ten of the best reasons to visit Vancouver.

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The Adventure There truly is endless opportunities for adventure in Vancouver. You could be scuba diving in the morning and skiing in the afternoon and finishing the day off with a sunset cruise on a stand-up paddle board.

Brunch Spots Vancouver is the perfect place to indulge in that awesome meal between breakfast and lunch. There are so many amazing places to eat eggs Benedict, smashed avo, coffee and bottomless mimosas.

Coastal Mountains Vancouver’s snow-capped mountains are what define the city. It features a bunch of amazing ski resorts close to Downtown, including Cypress, Grouse, and Seymour. World-famous Whistler Blackcomb is less than two hours drive away, and there are a number of summits, glacier lakes, and beautiful views everywhere close by.

Warm Summer, Snowy Winter The nice thing about Vancouver is they have consistent seasons. Summer averages temperatures in the high 20s (°C), and the winters are rainy however when there is rain in the city, there is snow up in the mountains.

The Sea Wall Vancouver is home to a 28km long seawall that was constructed over a century ago. It’s the world’s largest uninterrupted ocean-side path and you can walk, run or ride on it.

Positive Energy Everything about Vancouver screams positive energy. It’s the type of thing you can’t really understand until you’ve been there, but from the wildlife to the people, diversity brings this back to nature city to life.

You Can Walk Everywhere Vancouver is quite a small city in comparison to other major cities, meaning its possible to walk almost anywhere you want to go.

Top Quality Sushi Sushi is a huge influence on the food scene in Vancouver. If you love some fresh sushi, this place is on par with some of the best in the world.

Stanley Park Stanley Park, voted many times as the best park in the world is one of Vancouver’s greatest assets. It’s perfect for hiking, cycling, wildlife spotting, running and getting back to nature.

The Beaches Vancouver features some amazing beaches and watching the sunset over the ocean is breathtaking. Often you can see an orca pod or whales swimming by, and although the water temperatures only get to 17 °C it’s quite nice for a quick dip in summer when the air temperatures are higher.

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