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Serengeti Bushtops have created one of the most uniquely superb accommodation camps in Africa. The combination of a magnificent location, extraordinary facilities and superb food and drink, luxurious accommodation, and staff determined to match and exceed every expectation; this luxurious camping resort offers inner peace, exploration and absolute first class comfort.

The aim of Serengeti Bushtops wild luxury escapes is to create a series of exclusive, electrifying viewing and balancing activities. From exploring the immense plains of the Serengeti in state-of-the-art open converted 4 wheel drive vehicles, to five star dining delivered by your 24 hour a day personal butler; this ultimate safari experience offers some of the most breathtaking views of anywhere in the world.

The unforgettable sights, smells, sounds and sensations will have you reeling in excitement, and your Serengeti Bushtops tent offers the finest in seductive luxury and the most luxurious camping experience imaginable. The quixotic vastness of the Serengeti plains, arguable nature’s most spectacular of landscapes spanning over 14,763 square kilometres offers a lifetime of unforgettable memories created in one spectacular location.


Your 5 Star tents face the sunset and opens on two sides, offering you an astonishing panoramic view of nature’s breathtaking masterpiece. Each tent is a colossal 120sqm open-sided living area, and delivers free Wi-Fi, 24 hour electricity, and running water thanks to the solar power and underground water sources. Your accommodation features king-size beds, 24 hour electricity, a flushing toilet, a bath, shower and vanity basins. With absolutely no compromise on indulgence, every need is catered for.

Gazing over this beautiful part of Africa is one of the most breathtaking experiences you can imagine, and this camp site could not be located in a better position. Burrowed deep within the northern sector of the Serengeti reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site, this base camp is just 15 miles from the Mara River and is situated in the direct line of the spectacular annual wildebeest migration, which takes place between June and November. Although abundant wildlife viewing is available all year round, but if you want the best seats in the house for viewing, these months in the Serengeti simply cannot be matched.

If you want to witness life at its most raw, electrifying and enchanting, from the remarkable grandeur of the big five, or the iridescent magnificence of local birdlife to the infinite herds of wildebeest, gazelles and zebras the base camp is accessible by light aircraft from Kilimanjaro (JRO) and Arusha, landing at the nearby Kogatende airstrip or transfers are available from its’ sister camp, travelling from the Masai Mara by air to Migori and then transferring to Isabenia border by road and to Tarime airstrip for a short flight to Kogatende (approximately a three hour transfer in total).


With many options for day safaris, and a range of onsite facilities, the memories created here will never be forgotten.

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