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Discover what lies in the heart and soul of the Serengeti in a way you never thought possible. Not far from the jewel in the crown of the Serengeti, the Moru Kopjes area lays a base camp for Roving Bushtops. This stunning base at Seronera in the Central Serengeti is the perfect getaway for the wild at heart, adventure seeking traveller who likes to watch wild game roam free, while having a safe and unrestrained accommodation to call home; and luxurious bed to sleep in when the sun goes down.

The Moru Kopjes are huge granite rock formations which protrude through the grassy plains, creating vistas of stunning beauty beneath rolling hills, and what better place to spend a week or two soaking up the wilderness than here. Around the Moru Kopjes the land and water sources attract copious amounts of wildlife to guarantee magnificent viewing all through the year; and for those who love nature in its purest form, this place, the heart of the Serengeti is unequalled.

Wild Luxury have pioneered the idea of Bushtops in the heart of the African wildlife and have a key focus on ensuring you as a traveller, get the most out of your stay by offering spectacular game viewing, and comfort. In this small area, the quantity of game is astonishing. Migrating herbivores and local resident animals are stalked by leopards, cheetah and lions, and if you happen to be around during November and May, the migration either passes right through the kopjes or is within a half or full day game drive away from Ndutu or the Western Corridor.

Located less than an hour drive from the Serenora Airstrip with flights landing from Kogatende, Lake Manyara, Arusha, Kilimanjaro (JRO) Dar EsSaalam, Zanzibar and Nairobi, the base camp is so quick easy to access, you will forget that you are in the heart of Africa.

Although during your stay, you are nestled in with wildlife roaming free throughout the area, onsite you will stay in one of six astounding hard floor tents, featuring king-size beds, 24 hour electricity, a flushing toilet, a bath, shower and vanity basins. With absolutely no compromise on indulgence, every need is catered for through your very own 24 hour butler. In the morning you can watch the sun rise over the Serengeti, as your tent walls can be opened on three sides, enabling panoramic views of the surrounding bush.

Roving Bushtops offers immediate access to the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles, and because the camp’s location is so well planned, there is no need to travel to the animals; because they are all around you. During the day you can rove through the plains in reliable 4x4 comforts stalking your photographic prey in safety, all the while being led around by expert rangers, and keen-eyed local spotters.

Base camp offers more than just a luxurious place to sleep, it also has a dining tent where you can choose from an amazing menu set against arguably the world’s greatest safari backdrop. Roving Bushtops aim is to create one of the most memorable holiday destinations you can imagine, and they succeed in every possible way.

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Per Person / 7 Nights