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Ehabla Travel North America Tours


In the United States of America (USA), you’ll find 50 States – all with their own unique character, culture and amazing holiday destinations. From Alaska in the northwest, to Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, and everything in between, the USA is filled with holiday opportunities, whether you’re travelling on your own, with a tour group, or with your family.

Major places of interest include Santa Monica Pier with its red and yellow Ferris wheel and amusement park; Route 66 represents a multitude of ideas - freedom, migration west, and the loneliness of the American heartland; and a hive of activity day and night is New York’s famous Times Square - America’s heart. The iconic and inspirational Grand Canyon carved out by the Colorado River is worth taking the time out to visit and Los Angeles is steeped in cultural attractions, with more museums and theatres than in any other US city.

It doesn’t matter where you choose to stay throughout the United States there are literally thousands of Resorts, Hotels, B & B’s, Lodges, Hostels, Vacation Homes and Motel options to suit every budget.

Due to its immense size and geographical diversity, the USA has various climates in different locations. The south and west regions tend to be warmer and dryer while the north and east are more temperate with colder winters. In the Coastal regions the weather is milder and in the higher altitude it’s colder and wetter. 

Whichever season you visit the US, the outdoor recreational activities are endless ranging from riding a mule through the Grand Canyon National Park to playing golf on the world's lowest elevation golf course, the eighteen-hole course at Furnace Creek. Winter in America is cold but it opens up a wonderland of Christmas festivals, food and wine events, and snow sports.

Getting to the USA is easy with daily flights leaving from all capital cities in Australia with a range of prices and carriers and the time of day you travel. And there is so much to explore on the east coasts of America if you want to take a cruise. Foreign travellers to the United States need visitor visas unless they qualify for entry under the Visa Waiver Program so it’s best to check the requirements before you leave. Also you will need to apply for ESTA, a regulatory online certification system.

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